Advent Calendar Day One is here!!!
One more year, I’m starting a count down to Christmas for my kids, one drawing at a time. Every morning they wake up to find one illustration and a treat. This is the fifth year, and it has become a tradition at home. A countdown to Halloween was suggested by the youngest and ignored by me (ehem, enough candy already!). There is always a theme or a narrative threaded in and that’s a challenge each time, as they are 6 years apart. But there lies the fun too! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Bilingualism in preadolescence


Any parent of a pre-teen or teen can relate to a situation that goes
like this: you ask your kid something with kindness, and a loud response
is instantly thrown back at you by your VERY annoyed kid. Obviously,
silly you, it was the wrong question. Still, I appreciated the layer of
humor that the bilingualism of my child added this time. She did too
when I showed her this drawing. We had a good laugh 🙂